NOTE: When your basket is shipped, you will receive a USPS shipping confirmation number from the postal service. The link usually specifies USPS was notified the “package is available for pickup.” That means the basket was shipped that day.

Hospital Delivery

The good news is that patients spend less time in the hospital these days. But this can impact shipping to a patient.

If you are shipping to a hospital address, please keep in mind that hospital stays are shorter than you might think, and that hospitals receive mail at a set time once a day — and not at all on weekends. Therefore, if a package arrives after the hospital’s daily delivery, they may not accept or deliver the package that day. In addition, hospital mailrooms are closed on weekends. So please be sure that the recipient is likely to be in the hospital at least 4-5 days after you send us the order, not counting weekends. You may prefer to send it to the home address.

Therefore, sending to the home address frequently is a better option for you, with our regular 2-day Priority delivery (including Saturdays.) Count the day after shipping as “day 1.”
If the package returns from a hospital because the patient has been discharged, we will refresh it without a “re-stocking” fee, but will charge for the reshipping. (We will contact you for the home address.)

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